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Former NFL Players to Receive Responsible Gambling and Sports Integrity Education

NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation partners with problem gambling advocacy groups

WASHINGTON (22nd July, 2020) – Problem gambling and off-field issues have plagued professional athletes across sports since their inception. Now, former NFL players will attend responsible gambling and sports integrity sessions presented by former athletes on an ongoing basis.

The NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation, the leading Foundation providing former NFL players with financial assistance and counseling, has signed a two-year agreement with EPIC Risk Management and GVC Foundation US to create, market, and launch live and virtual educational programs for NFLPA members.

“This is the first program that the NFLPA/PAF has ever run on problem gambling education and awareness,” said Andre Collins, Executive Director of the NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation. “As the first major professional sports league in the U.S. to undertake this project, we’re proud to tackle this issue head-on. We urge all sports leagues to address problem gambling with the seriousness it deserves.”

EPIC Risk Management and GVC Foundation US will create the program content, which will be tailored to meet the mental health needs of former NFL players, while the NFLPA/PAF will advertise, market, and coordinate the delivery of the program to its members.

“Professional athletes are highly susceptible to problematic gambling behavior. Educating these former players on how to gamble responsibly and act with integrity is a crucial step forward for all sports,” said Amani Toomer, former New York Giants wide receiver. As a Trustee for GVC Foundation US, Toomer will help deliver educational sessions throughout the country alongside EPIC Risk Management.

EPIC Risk Management, a gambling harm minimization consultancy, and GVC Foundation US, a responsible gambling nonprofit launched by GVC Holdings, have an existing partnership aiming to co-host educational seminars throughout the U.S. The two groups are further partnering with the Division on Addiction at Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital, to conduct research about elite athletes’ relationships with problem gambling through these and other educational sessions.

“Problem gambling is often described as a hidden addiction. The signs are difficult to spot, yet the effects can be devastating. Proactive education offered to vulnerable populations is crucial for curbing problem gambling. We plan to educate former NFL players through motivational talks provided by former professional athletes who’ve experienced the consequences of problem gambling, first-hand,” said Paul Buck, CEO of EPIC Risk Management.

“The gambling industry has a moral responsibility to look after consumers and ensure their wellbeing. Those with gambling disorders and addictive tendencies deserve our unyielding support, and this program is a perfect extension of our mission to provide that,” said Martin Lycka, Trustee of GVC Foundation US and Director of Regulatory Affairs for GVC Holdings.

About NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation

The NFLPA Professional Athletes Foundation provides financial assistance and counseling toward the well-being and benefit of former players. The organization is the leading Foundation assisting NFL Former Players, with over $21 million in financial, medical, and educational assistance granted.

About EPIC Risk Management

EPIC Risk Management is the world’s leading independent gambling harm minimization consultancy. Working across the highest risk sectors for gambling related harm, EPIC have worked in 14 European countries on ground breaking harm minimization programs, responsible gambling training and class leading advisory. EPIC draws on lived experience to help individuals and organizations across financial services, elite sport, the military, criminal justice, education and the gambling industry to minimize the risks posed by gambling harm.

About GVC Foundation US

GVC Foundation US is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit dedicated to promoting responsible gambling, sports integrity and corporate compliance in the U.S. The Foundation was launched by the GVC Global Foundation and GVC Holdings PLC (LSE: GVC), one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups, operating both online and in the retail sector.

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