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SIGA welcome EPIC as latest member

The membership base of Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) continues to expand in both numbers, representativeness and global footprint with the admission of EPIC Risk Management as one of its newest member organisations and champions from all sectors of the sporting industry.

The global leading gambling harm minimisation consultancy, which draws on lived experience to help individuals and organisations to minimise the risks posed by sports betting harm, is the latest organisation to join the world’s largest independent coalition in the field of sport integrity.

Bringing together all key stakeholder groups, including from the world of sport, government, international organisations, global business and civil society, SIGA continues to evolve at a strong pace since its inception in 2017.

EPIC’s membership application was unanimously approved by the SIGA Council and ratified at its latest extraordinary General Assembly, together with FIDE’s, the international Chess federation.

Welcoming the new member of its collective, SIGA global CEO Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros (pictured above with EPIC CEO Paul Buck) stated:

“Education, training and capacity building! Here lie the first line of defence and the most effective strategy to protect the ethical foundations upon which Sport is based, organised and played all over the world.

“With EPIC joining our ranks, we are better equipped and better prepared than ever to implement our Universal Standards globally and deliver our Vision of Sport, for the benefit of those who play it, those who run it and those who simply love to watch it. A sport free from unethical and unscrupulous behaviours. Free from gambling harm and addiction.

“We are naturally delighted to welcome EPIC into our global coalition and look forward to working closely with them. The prospects ahead are truly encouraging, and there will be more news very soon. We invite all like-minded organisations and individuals who really care about sport to join us and be part of our global movement.”

Martin Bland, director of business development at EPIC Risk Management, added:

“EPIC works collaboratively with global organisations that are committed to ensuring sports wagering remains a safe and enjoyable pastime. It has partnered with SIGA to pioneer solutions that will raise awareness of gambling harm, and that will mitigate the risks to sports leagues and sports teams’ business, people, reputation, and fanbase.

“EPIC and SIGA aim to collectively revolutionise the sports wagering industry by ensuring leagues and teams implement the highest standards of safer gambling practices and sports betting integrity.”

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