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Winners at the 2023 VIXIO and Barclays Entrepreneur Awards

Flying the EPIC flag all over the world

It’s another exciting week at EPIC Risk Management, with many of our talented staff representing the organisation across two continents over the next few days.

A team of EPIC representatives will be flying out over 5,000 miles to the largest city in the state of Nevada, namely, Las Vegas.

Mark Potter and Dan Trolaro will be among the team on hand at the NAAC Conference to tell their story, as well as showcasing the delivery and education that EPIC carry out and hand out promotional materials for the benefit of an audience that will largely been made up of compliance and welfare staff supporting student athletes.

Part of the conference will also see EPIC moderating a panel on sports wagering, which will include compliance experts. This panel will be highlight and reinforce EPIC’s impact and efficiency of helping to mitigate the threat of problem gambling, from adversely effecting an organisation’s performance, through to protecting that organisation’s reputation, regulatory compliance and duty of care.

Back in Europe, a separate group of EPIC staff will be jetting off to the W Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, to attend the World Gaming Executive Summit.

During the summit, our founder and chief executive officer, Paul Buck, will be appearing on a panel on the importance of safer gambling.

Paul, along with the other panellists, will be discussing scrutinising the different safer gambling needs across different sectors of the industry and how we can reduce the emotional, psychological, social, financial and even physical harm.

Make sure you’re keeping a close eye on all of our EPIC Risk Management social media pages across the next week to see our team in action!

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