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EPIC and Leaders investigate how student-athletes are ‘Taking on an Invisible Rival’

NCAA student-athletes know all about their on-field rivals, but our eye-opening new case study in conjunction with Leaders in Sport shows how they’re ‘Taking on an Invisible Rival’ in the form of gambling-related harm.

In a world where regulated sports wagering is now seeing the public engage with collegiate sports in very different ways than before, we’ve investigated how the changing landscape affects student-athletes and staff, what precautions need to be taken for their wellbeing, and how they’re being addressed.

The 28-page report is now available to download from the Leaders in Sport website, and features contributions from key figures within the NCAA – including its managing director for enforcement development Mark Hicks and managing director of enterprise risk management, Clint Hangebrauck – into how they’re looking to protect the individuals within their competitions, as well as the integrity of the sports.

Leading colleges are also represented, thanks to Clemson University’s Henry Archuleta, and Danielle Davison from the University of Michigan, who contribute insight into how they’ve seen changes to sports wagering affecting student-athletes and what they’ve found most effective in mitigating against the increased risk.

Our own team also explains how delivery across 48 states over the past two-and-a-half years for the benefit of more than 56,000 session attendees is helping to raise awareness of the potential harms associated with gambling and how to keep their personal relationship with wagering safe.

John Millington, senior director at EPIC Global Solutions, will be helping to officially launch the ‘Taking on an Invisible Rival’ report this week, as Leaders in Sport present The Sport Performance Summit to its global audience of leading sports organisations in Los Angeles.

He is pleased that this comprehensive publication has been made available to everyone with an interest in athlete welfare within the NCAA and its various conferences, and hopes that the findings will help to safeguard aspiring athletes in future, explaining:

“This case study showcases NCAA’s proactive approach to finding balance between compliance and care; providing clarity on rules and regulations whilst advocating for an empathetic and compassionate approach to safeguarding, wellbeing and career development.

“We hope this report provides a deeper understanding of the complex nature of gambling in college sports and the long-term effects it can have on individuals, teams and staff.

“Together we can better support student-athletes and staff in navigating the challenges of legalised gambling.”

Our thanks go to the insightful contributors and the fantastic editing from Leaders in Sport’s John Portch, who have helped to create a must-read document for all those playing a role in the welfare of NCAA athletes.

Click here to download the ‘Taking on an Invisible Rival’ case study.

Taking on an Invisible Rival
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