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Affected others panel proves to be ‘moving’ for conference audience

A ‘moving presentation’ on the effect that gambling harm can have on others took centre stage during EPIC Risk Management’s appearance at the SBC Betting on Sports Europe conference at Twickenham Stadium in London.

The aforementioned description of the panel entitled ‘The domino effect? Educating and raising awareness for affected others through professional sport’ was direct feedback from an industry representative who watched the discussion on how lives beyond the individual experiencing gambling harm are affected, with a focus on how it impacts those within professional sport.

EPIC’s lived experience duo of Marc Williams and Mark Potter were joined by director of sports partnerships Ben McGregor for the panel anchored by BBC Crimewatch and ex-Sky Sports News presenter John-Paul Davies in an honest, open and insightful conversation on their experiences on gambling addiction. John-Paul reflected on the panel by saying:

“What we saw here today was both Marc and Mark brilliantly, honestly and vulnerably telling their story about how gambling harmed them both individually and others.

“One of the fascinating things here was how captivated the audience were in the room. I think it really reflects the type of work EPIC are doing and carrying out.”

Former professional footballer and EPIC programme facilitator Marc Williams was pleased to see the audience responding attentively to a frank and honest discussion, explaining:

“The room were able to see the importance of the awareness we’re trying to promote within sports clubs, not just to the players themselves but also to general staff and those at the top.

“I’m really enjoying sitting on these panels. To sit alongside Potts and hear his story of lived experience, as well as mine and to have Ben’s input too, it’s a great experience for myself.

“I think it’s great to come together and really showcase what we’re doing at EPIC, to show that impact we’re having, and also where we want to go with this moving forward.”

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