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Hippodrome – Case Study

The Hippodrome Casino, located in the heart of London, is one of the most well-known and prestigious casinos in the world. As with any gambling establishment, there is always a risk of harm to individuals who engage in excessive gambling, as well as potential issues for the brand . In order to address this issue, the Hippodrome Casino has partnered with EPIC Global Solutions, a leading provider of gambling harm prevention and education services.

Partnership Objectives

The main objective of the partnership between EPIC Global Solutions and the Hippodrome Casino is to minimize the risk of gambling harm among the casino’s clients by helping embed a culture of understanding of problem gambling from the executive level and to go ‘beyond compliance’ in their approach to safer gambling practices. Also to ensure that all interactions with clients throughout an entire visit to the casino will have safer gambling practices at the heart of the Hippodrome’s approach.

All co-facilitated in the context of EPIC’s extensive lived experience of both gambling-related harm and land-based casino management, with the intention that The Hippodrome staff can increasingly apply the knowledge acquired through the workshop and put it to use in their real-world scenarios, as well as assessing the transfer of learning post-course in the evaluation sessions.

This involves educating and training via Lived Experience-led workshops delivered by ex-casino professionals, providing a humanistic light and training staff to build confidence supported by knowledge around gambling harm issues, specifically in a world-renowned casino’s fast-paced, busy environment. 

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership between EPIC and the Hippodrome Casino brings numerous benefits for both parties. Firstly, the casino’s staff will receive specialised training on responsible gambling practices, enabling them to identify and respond to potential problem gambling situations, this will enhance the customer experience and minimize the risk of harm to individuals and them as a business. 

Secondly, the workshops conducted to benefit the casino’s patrons will raise awareness and demonstrate the casino’s commitment to responsible gambling. This can help create a safer and more accountable gambling environment, promoting the casino’s image as a socially responsible establishment.

Lastly, the partnership between EPIC and the Hippodrome Casino can be a model for other casinos and gambling establishments. By showcasing the success of this partnership, other organisations can be encouraged to prioritise responsible gambling practices and partner with organisations like EPIC Risk Management to strengthen their efforts further.


“We are thrilled to partner with EPIC Risk Management to help our employees build empathy and understanding through lived experience.

The training they provide is invaluable, and we have already seen a positive impact on our team. We are happy that this partnership will assist us in creating a safe environment for our players in the years to come.”

Sam Douglas, director of business services at The Hippodrome Casino


The partnership between EPIC Risk Management and the Hippodrome Casino is a significant step towards creating a safer and more responsible gambling environment. By joining forces, these two organisations are working towards minimising the risk of gambling harm among casino patrons. With their comprehensive and tailored training programs, this partnership can serve as a model for other casinos and gambling establishments, ultimately promoting responsible gambling practices and minimising the risks associated with excessive gambling.

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