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‘Fall In’ provides chance for EPIC to learn more about views on gambling disorder

A newly-released autobiography is providing EPIC with a unique chance to canvas readers’ views on gambling disorder, thanks to an innovative research technique.

US Military veteran Dave Yeager has released ‘Fall In: A Veteran with a Gambling Addiction’ to chart his decades-long struggle with various forms of gambling, explaining the cost it incurred on his family, his workplaces, and his own life, with near-fatal consequences.

The captivating read is not only a chance for others to gain a crucial insight into the grip that gambling harm can inflict on lives, but also contribute into EPIC’s research into awareness and attitudes that prevail around gambling issues, with readers asked to scan a QR code on the inside front and back covers, so that their changing perception of the issue can be tracked both before and after reading the book.

Sam Brooks, EPIC’s head of training and social impact, hopes that those who purchase the book will contribute to a valuable interactive experience.

“We’re delighted to be giving our support to Dave Yeager’s enlightening autobiography and look forward to seeing the longer term impact it generates,” she explained.

“As well as giving readers plenty to think about in his frank and honest review of how gambling was able to consume his everyday life, we are also intrigued to know how the book’s audience are impacted by the issue.

“We are extremely grateful to the initial respondents who have completed the survey before and after reading the book, and the longer-term findings will be very useful to us as we craft our delivery to be as relevant and impactful as possible to the audiences we engage with on a daily basis.”

‘Fall In: A Veteran with a Gambling Addiction’ is available now via Amazon and other selected book retailers.

If you would like to share your perspective and participate in the survey, be sure to scan the QR code in your copy of ‘Fall in’ before and after reading this truly captivating autobiography.

Photo: EPIC’s research associate Anneke Stols, program facilitator Liz Thielen and head of training and social impact Sam Brooks pose in front of the book’s cover, all having either worked previously with Dave Yeager or been part of the process of bringing the research project to life.

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