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EPIC retain ISO 9001 accreditation

EPIC Risk Management have received confirmation that they have once again met the International Standard for Quality Management, formally recognised by ISO 9001 certification.

The rigorous scrutiny of the company’s policies and processes by ISO assessors found that EPIC’s quality management systems continue to meet the highest standards of ISO 9001, including compliance and legislation to health and safety, and continuous improvement to HR practices.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised standard for quality management, which provides a framework for ensuring that organisations consistently deliver products or services that meet customer requirements. It sets out criteria for a systematic approach to quality management, emphasising a strong customer focus, process improvement, and a commitment to ongoing performance evaluation. ISO 9001 has provided rigorous independent oversight of EPIC’s policies, procedures, governance and wider business.

EPIC Risk Management’s head of business support, Louise Flynn, was pleased to have successfully passed the assessment and has detailed some of the company’s unique features that were key to doing so, explaining:

“During the assessment, the auditor commented on EPIC’s inspiring mission and was in awe of the facilitators who use their experience to warn against the risk of gambling day in, and day out. In her words, she was ‘bowled over’ by the organisation and the people working for it.  

“ISO9001 ensures we create an environment where we strive for quality in both the output of our work and the services we offer, as well as the successful development of our staff. Continuous improvement is a key focus for ISO9001 and we encourage all staff to follow best practice by keeping track of improvements they’re working on or using recording mechanisms to track meetings or progress within ongoing projects.”

In order to continue providing the best possible service to clients, EPIC are also commencing the latest three-year cycle of Investor in People accreditation, where the intention is to improve upon the company’s current ‘Gold’ standard.

Reflecting on receiving the positive response from the ISO 9001 assessors, EPIC Risk Management CEO Paul Buck added:

“This achievement reflects our ongoing efforts to promote a culture of continuous improvement, and our renewed certification reinforces our commitment to this principle.

“We continually evaluate our processes, identify areas for enhancement, and implement measures to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance throughout EPIC.

“Meeting ISO 9001 requires a year-round commitment to undertaking high quality processes and we believe that this is reflected in the quality of services we are able to offer to our clients around the world.

“We are also pleased that the lived experience element of our work was recognised as a noteworthy element of the assessment, as this is one of the many features that makes EPIC Risk Management unique in our drive to minimise the risk of gambling-related harm through education and prevention methods.”

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